The new approach for the new web.

What Do We Do?

Reflexical's Fellowship Program helps new Web3 Projects scale by drawing on our proprietary 6-pillar process, insider access, and global presence.

Using its 6-pillar process, it empowers Web3 founders with the tools for success while also rewarding Reflexical investors.

Why Reflexical?

Reflexical's Six Pillars for Web3 Success


Tech, Architecture, Integration, UX, Compatibility, Interoperability, Tools.

The lego-blocks approach to Web3 has sped up development. But it has commoditized products. This deprives projects of pricing power.

Protocol & Tokenomic

Utility, Value, Flow, Expansion, Contraction, Pools, Treasury, Unlocking, Scarcity, Staking, Burning.

This is where the secret-sauce of the project is created. Few are paying enough attention to it.


Visuals, Identities, Positioning, USP, Value Proposition, Digital Presence.

Good Web3 branding leads to confidence and trust. The best projects have realized this. The rest are missing out.


Social media, Ambassadors, Partnerships, Airdrops, Content, PR, Outreach, Influencers.

What branding was to the traditional organization, community is to Web3. Everyone agrees. But few know how to harness it.

Market Operations

Token Launch, Liquidity, Market Making, Price Discovery.

Effective vs. poor market operations could easily lead to a price differential of 25 : 1. Does a project investor want 25x more returns?

Enterprise Creation

People, Systems, Hiring, Management, Operations, Scale, Reporting, Compensation.

Web3 projects start as 3-5 member teams. Enterprise creation is an afterthought. Lack of organizational ability bites; eventually kills.

Meet Our Team

Ajeet Khurana

He's the OG in Crypto, and he likes to let everyone know it. He's been around since Bitcoin was just a gleam in Satoshi's eye, and he's seen the industry grow from its infancy.

Formerly the Head of Blockchain and Cryptoassets Council (BACC) of the IAMAI – India’s foremost industry body for the crypto industry, he has also served as CEO of Zebpay and the business incubator at IIT Bombay. He has advised Web3 startups on how to make their businesses successful.

Sandeep Nailwal

Reflexical’s business philosophy andneed-for-speed is deeply influenced by our patron: Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon.

He is our friend, philosopher, and guide; not to mention investor and advisor. Indian Web3 founders regard Sandeep as their role model and global ambassador. He is an example of what they can become. We take counsel from Sandeep’s wisdom, and inspiration from his journey. When we grow up, we want to be like him.

Pranav Sharma

Pranav Sharma is widely recognized as the OG crypto fund manager. As founder of Woodstock, one of the earliest crypto-native funds in the world, Pranav has traveled the same journey as many other Web3 founders have.

At Reflexical, we are fortunate to have access to Pranav’s relationship and goodwill. He is also one of the earliest investors in Reflexical, and has played a pivotal role in shaping our business model.

Love from Founders Worldwide

My experience with Ajeet has been nothing short of extraordinary. As a Y-Combinator alum, I have experienced the best support system---that's until I met Ajeet. Interlock has gained a lot from his knack of unearthing revenue streams. And now that he's bottling this up at Reflexical, I expect great things. I will be an investor, contributor and cheerleader.
Rick Deacon, Interlock
Ajeet is a mentor and advisor to MahaDAO. We went to him for his reputation, but stayed for his contribution. He makes deep insights in the token economy seem easy. And if he knocks at a door you can be sure it will be answered. I am very excited to see Ajeet create an opportunity for others to join him in his journey and I will be sure to invest in Reflexical.
Steven Enamakel, MahaDAO
Ajeet is the magician of Web3 startups. His depth of experience and capacity to listen and counsel founders are unparalleled. When we started a new entrepreneurial journey, he was one of the first people we reached out to. His capacity to bring value and articulate solutions to problems that most founders encounter on a daily basis has been proven over and over again.
Eduard Jubany Tur, ZKX
As a project attacking both the Web2 and Web3 markets, we at Arcana sought to involve people with depth of understanding and breadth of vision. Ajeet has time and again proved to be an invaluable sounding board for our ideas. It brings me absolute joy to see him look to scale what he does best and start up Reflexical. I will want to associate with it in whichever way possible.
Mayur Relekar, Arcana


Is Reflexical an incubator/accelerator/Y-combinator?

All, as well as none, of the above. There are similarities, of course. But we are not structured as a classroom/cohort/video program. Our employees do not double as mentors.

How is Reflexical different from similar pre-web3 initiatives?

Pre-Web3 projects did not have their assets listed in markets so early. They did not have to worry about evolving tokenomics that funnel value created by the system to value of the underlying token. These and other Web3 peculiarities require a new approach and sensitivity. Not to mention an altered DNA.

Does the Reflexical fellowship program invest money into fellows?

No. In many cases, our shareholders can end up filling early rounds of our fellows.

Are there any unfair competitive advantages that Reflexical gains from?

Access, relationships, authority, recognition, track record.

Do stakeholders gain from each other?

Among other things, Reflexical is gated community that encourage stakeholders to help each other.

Are there other ways in which shareholders can gain from Reflexical?

In many ways: referral fees, co-investment opportunities, web2-to-web3 migration assistance, etc.

Is the Reflexical fellowship primarily a school for weak founders?

The fellowship doesn’t rely on lectures or “curriculum.” Given our high profit expectation from each fellow, only strong founders make the cut. For them, we customize as much as possible.

What is the best way for investors to get an exposure to web3?

Web3 is likely to evolve like other tech innovations, the industry could grow a 1000x, but the top few players would survive. So, the worst though most common method is “spray and pray.” Of course, if you have divine insight that spots winners, that would work. Reflexical focuses on its access to the best founders, and ability to influence outcomes.